Best Way To Take Care Of Your Pet

Best Way To Take Care Of Your Pet

How To Take Care Of Your Pet ??

Best Way To Take Care Of Your Pet“. You have done the hard part of choosing your new friend, now it’s time to take care of it and you must be fully prepared for that, a slight negligence would prove costly in the start. You must first prepare yourself and then your home for the arrival of the pet. The pets are sensitive and when you bring them home for the first time, they wouldn’t listen to you and ignore your warnings completely. So when you bring them home you must make sure you have made proper arrangements.

You must remove all the harmful objects that may hurt the pet, for example, put the knives in the cupboards. If you want to take the pet out, make sure you have installed a fence to restrict its movement. Make sure you assign a special room for the pet, it’s more like the pet’s “bedroom”. You must spend time with the pet when it’s relatively quiet so that the pet can understand you and you get to know it.

Best Way To Take Care Of Your Pet

When you bring the pet home make sure you have bought the important pet supplies. You can consult pet store employees for the appropriate things for your pet. Bring them home and tell your home fellows how to use them. Make sure you have taken out few bucks for your pet for monthly expenses. Pets are sensitive to weather changes and you must put aside some extra bucks for emergency vet costs.

Health is a very important factor in the pet’s grooming and you must take measures to schedule proper visits to the town/area vet. These checkups might help you spot the health problem in time that may lead to serious consequences if not taken care of properly. You should consult the vet or medical staff and discuss how often you should bring the pet for checkups. Make sure you do proper vaccinations for the pet. Ask the vet to guide you about diseases and their symptoms related to your pet. Emergency situations might occur anytime, so you must be prepared beforehand to tackle these issues, save your vet’s number and the veterinary facility phone number.

The foods you give to your pets have a lot to do with your pet’s health. Cheap food might not always be the best and healthiest option. Make sure you consult the vet for food recommendations; it is not a good idea to go and buy food for your pet without any prior knowledge. Do some research about the best food for your particular vet. Processed foods are used in abundance, but make sure you often give naturals food. Although the natural food will cost you more it is better than the processed food.

Make a proper cleaning schedule for your pet, make sure you clean the pet’s living places. The best practice is to clean the places after every 2 weeks and make sure you bathe the pets often. Cleanliness with ensures healthy activities. Make sure you cut the nails of your pet (mostly cats & dogs) so they don’t harm others accidentally or themselves by breaking them.

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Top 10 Best Dog Food Choices

Top 10 Best Dog Food Choices

Top 10 Best Dog Food Choices

Its difficult to select healthy best dog food choices . Eating habits of dogs are a lot like human beings. They are omnivores, so they have a large variety of eatables to choose from. They have the option of eating meat, grains and vegetables for keeping them lively all day. Dog’s nutrition has similarities to human food so they have a lot to choose from. Think of you when it comes to eating choices and habits and the same is the case is with dogs. But remember, like the human body, dogs too need a very well balanced diet to fill their tummy. Dogs are prone to diabetes and they might get it, if you are not careful about their food.

Top 10 Best Dog Food Choices

There are some very important factors to take into consideration when it comes to daily food feeding. You must know the AGE of your dog, their daily activities and the ideal weight for your specific dog breed. Different dog breeds need different level of food intake per day as they have completely different set of activities and breed traits. Just for your ease take the example of a well grown 8-10 year old Chihuahua that spends the most of time in your lap laying, it doesn’t need too much of a diet to pass the day, while on the other hand a young German Shepherd needs plenty of food because it is more used of doing exercise like running around, jumping and other stuff. While a well grown hound dog needs a good amount of food as it runs a lot all day.

Although the dog food products have labels on them for you guidance, but they are generic and may not be specifically tailored for your pet. The best food advice you can get is from is your vet, as he/she knows your pet’s condition and is always in a better position to suggest the best food for the perfect health of your dog. You must remember that dog’s food depends upon the condition of your pet. Moreover, vet can recommend some specific food that shall come in handy to protect your pet from getting potential diseases. According to the doctors, larger dogs are more likely to develop diseases like arthritis as compared to small sized dogs. And in situations like this, your vet can help you reduce the risk of getting diseases.

How much food your pet needs?

Once again your vet is the best option to calculate how much food your dog needs per day. You cant find this useful information on the back of dog food products. You should see the food labels for the amount of calories they contain, and with that information you or your vet can efficiently decide how much your dog needs per day. Make sure you buy only those pet food products that meet the minimum requirements set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Any dog food that falls below that standard is hazardous to your dog’s health.

Your vet can also help you to select the most suitable food for your pet and your pocket.  A lot of owners like to prepare the very first dog meal, but you should first learn to make the meal that meets the demand of your dog and your vet can certainly help here too. You can never say that you made the best food choice for your dog before feeding it. If your dog is active and lively after their feeding time and they have solid stools then your choice was a good one, but if they show signs of vomiting, gassing or they feel lazy then its time for you to cook up a better food strategy.

Remember you MUST not change food plan abruptly, the best strategy is to mix the new food gradually into the already served food. Start with 75-25 combination, 75 percent old and 25 percent new and gradually with time shift it to 75 percent new and 25 percent old.

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How To Keep Your Pet Healthy [Step By Step Guide]

How To Keep Your Pet Healthy

This is the most important question that how to keep your pet healthy ? Pets are not very expressive when it comes to their health. You can’t just literally ask the pets about their health,so you need to note their activities very keenly. Pets just can’t express themselves so it’s you who have to look for the signs and symptoms. Prevention is better than cure, so you must take simple measures that can help your pet remain healthy and have a long life.

How To Keep Your Pet Healthy:

 How To Keep Your Pet Healthy

  1. Two Veterinary Exams Per Year:
The best thing you can do for the betterment of your pet’s health is bi-annual vet exams to ensure proper health. The best practice for your pet’s health is preventive measures. During each veterinary exam the vet will conduct a thorough exam of pet’s body, heartbeat, skin, mouth, teeth, breathing and nails.
  1. Dental Care:

Dental care of your pet has a very important role to play in the health of your pet, it may become a breeding ground for diseases.  80 percent of the times, Dogs and cats aging above three are likely to develop an oral disease, says the research report of American Veterinary Dental Society. These oral diseases can even lead to deadly diseases like cancer.

The potential oral diseases can be prevented using following precautionary measures.

Brushing the teeth:

Make it a daily or weekly routine to brush your pet’s teeth at home. Finger brush is the best option for brushing, make sure you use a pet toothbrush. It will be a deadly mistake to use a human toothpaste for pets, it may be toxic for most of them. By the passage of time your pet will get used to this routine and it will become easier for you.

Bi-Annual Dental Exams:

Potential oral problems or issues can be identified in bi-annual exams. Advantages of these dental exams are timely identification of the problems or potential diseases.

Bad Breadth:

If you come to know about the bad breadth of your pet then it’s an issue worth taking care of. Bad breath is a sign of some mouth disease or digestive system irregularity.

  1. Healthy Food:

Your pet’s food is one of the most important aspect of pet’s health. Pets don’t need diets listed at the back of the food products, but they actually need specifically tailored diets according to their age, activities and their weight. So you must consult your vet to suggest you the best diet for your pet.

Dog Food:

All of the pet dogs need daily intake depending upon their breed and weight, there is no fix diet for every dog breed, the best option is to consult a vet for your dog’s feeding.

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Cat Food:

Cats are sort of addicted to meat and milk, so you need to give them food that has digestible protein and fats. You can mix the canned food with dry cat food.

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