About Us

Pet Seed is a public service website developed to provide quality information about every aspect of pet life, an information you can trust.

Hi, I am JJanessa and i love pets, I love to be around my pets all the time.

I’m a graduate of Florida Medical College with a degree in Rehab Work.

Our team includes two dedicated and highly motivational researchers, a vet and social media administrator.

Our sole motive is to provide “Quality Information” to the online community seeking answers to their everyday issues related to pets.

We are currently working on five different fields related to pets i.e Pet Food, Pet Training, Pet Health, Pet Accessories and Pet Insurance.

We are poised to bring forward the best pet food products available in market. We know how to read labels printed on the packing. We are determined to bring the best practices to train your pet in the best manner. We have an expert that understands the pet or animal behavior.

Our Source Of Information

Here at Pet Seed, we personally extract the information after hours of hardwork and research. We spend hours in researching the books, journals and research papers published.

Pet Seed is privately owned media publication, we are neither a part of any Pet Industry related company nor affiliated to any Pet Advisory or Pet Care company. Every word that is published on the website is our property, and a result of our research.

Moreover, every pet related product we review is personally selected after user polls and their popularity. We don’t review any of the products upon the approach of any particular company. We dont accept any kind of paid advertisement from the pet industry whether it is related to pet food, pet care, pet accessories or pet training.

How It All Started Pet Seed:

From the very first day I had a natural attachment to pets, and with the passage of time it grew stronger. I lost my dog named “Fluffy” several years ago, it died due to a kidney failure. Because of this personal tragedy I vowed not to let this happen to anyone else, so I started my research and then i found a team that helped me fulfill the dream, and here I am living and fulfilling my dream to inform people about every aspect of pet life.

I love to hear about pets and definitely your story too, so don’t hesitate and send us your pet story, i believe there is always something to learn from every story.

Thanks for stopping by.

JJanessa Lindauer