Top 10 Best Dog Food Choices

Top 10 Best Dog Food Choices

Top 10 Best Dog Food Choices

Its difficult to select healthy best dog food choices . Eating habits of dogs are a lot like human beings. They are omnivores, so they have a large variety of eatables to choose from. They have the option of eating meat, grains and vegetables for keeping them lively all day. Dog’s nutrition has similarities to human food so they have a lot to choose from. Think of you when it comes to eating choices and habits and the same is the case is with dogs. But remember, like the human body, dogs too need a very well balanced diet to fill their tummy. Dogs are prone to diabetes and they might get it, if you are not careful about their food.

Top 10 Best Dog Food Choices

There are some very important factors to take into consideration when it comes to daily food feeding. You must know the AGE of your dog, their daily activities and the ideal weight for your specific dog breed. Different dog breeds need different level of food intake per day as they have completely different set of activities and breed traits. Just for your ease take the example of a well grown 8-10 year old Chihuahua that spends the most of time in your lap laying, it doesn’t need too much of a diet to pass the day, while on the other hand a young German Shepherd needs plenty of food because it is more used of doing exercise like running around, jumping and other stuff. While a well grown hound dog needs a good amount of food as it runs a lot all day.

Although the dog food products have labels on them for you guidance, but they are generic and may not be specifically tailored for your pet. The best food advice you can get is from is your vet, as he/she knows your pet’s condition and is always in a better position to suggest the best food for the perfect health of your dog. You must remember that dog’s food depends upon the condition of your pet. Moreover, vet can recommend some specific food that shall come in handy to protect your pet from getting potential diseases. According to the doctors, larger dogs are more likely to develop diseases like arthritis as compared to small sized dogs. And in situations like this, your vet can help you reduce the risk of getting diseases.

How much food your pet needs?

Once again your vet is the best option to calculate how much food your dog needs per day. You cant find this useful information on the back of dog food products. You should see the food labels for the amount of calories they contain, and with that information you or your vet can efficiently decide how much your dog needs per day. Make sure you buy only those pet food products that meet the minimum requirements set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Any dog food that falls below that standard is hazardous to your dog’s health.

Your vet can also help you to select the most suitable food for your pet and your pocket.  A lot of owners like to prepare the very first dog meal, but you should first learn to make the meal that meets the demand of your dog and your vet can certainly help here too. You can never say that you made the best food choice for your dog before feeding it. If your dog is active and lively after their feeding time and they have solid stools then your choice was a good one, but if they show signs of vomiting, gassing or they feel lazy then its time for you to cook up a better food strategy.

Remember you MUST not change food plan abruptly, the best strategy is to mix the new food gradually into the already served food. Start with 75-25 combination, 75 percent old and 25 percent new and gradually with time shift it to 75 percent new and 25 percent old.

I hope you would have benefited from this blog post, if you think I have missed any important piece of information then feel free to add your valuable info in comment sections, and I shall add it into Best Dog Food Choices.

Fish Oil Vs Coconut Oil for Dog Feeding

Fish Oil Vs Coconut Oil for Dogs

People often think and ask a question that whether feeding fish oil is beneficial or Coconut oil for dogs? The trust is both of these are beneficial and contain some amazing nutritional which will help your dog to grow healthy and active. Here are some facts about fish oil and coconut oil; you must need to know before feeding these oils.

Facts about Fish Oil for Dogs Food

Fish Oil for Dogs Food

1) Fish oil is a long chain fatty acid, constructed from a chain of 18 carbon atoms.

2) Eicosapentaenoic acid and Cosa hexanoic acid are consists of a high quantity of fat because it contains long structured the chain of double carbon bonds. That’s a reason make fish oil unstable and likely to oxidation trend to heat it highly in storage.

3) Fish oils have some essential fatty acid that is usually found in fish cold water named as Eicosapentaenoic acid and Cosa hexanoic acid. In fact, Fish oil is an Omega-3 polyunsaturated fat.

Fish Oil Benefits

1) An anti-inflammatory effect in fish oils helps dogs to prevent cancer and heart disease  EPA and DHA are converted into prostaglandins ( hormone-like substances), which maintain all activity of cell and healthy cardiovascular function.

2) Its contain EPA and DHA, which improve your dog brain functions and as well as eyes health.DHA is a building block of tissue inside the brain and retina of the eye.  It enables with forming neural transmitters, such as phosphatidylserine, that’s improved for mind working process.  DHA usually found in the retina of the eye.

3) Omega-3 has extremely effect on a dog, and it helps him to fight osteoarthritis, and also improves inflammation and mobility.

Facts about Coconut Oil for Dogs Food

Coconut Oil for Dogs Food

1) Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid, constructed of a chain of 12 carbon atoms

2) Coconut oil contains capric acid, lauric acid, a caprylic acid which are MCFA (medium chain fatty acids). Coconut is medium-chain fatty acid can be called as saturated fat

3) Saturated fats contain single carbon bonds. That’s a reason make oil stable and does not prone to oxidation. Coconut Oil can be store three years without any need of refrigerated

Benefits of Coconut Oil

1) Coconut oil contains lauric acid; convert into monoglyceride monolaurin stop viral, protozoal infections and bacterial to do any effect on animals. Breast milk also contain lauric acid having same nutriceutical effects

2)  MCFAS also used as energy production and provide a high level of vitality and energy, help to protects from illness and speeds healing. Coconut oil helps dogs to lose weight and provide sedentary dogs some energetic source.

3) Coconut oil primarily has an anti-inflammatory effect which protects dogs against cancer. It’s also very helpful for dog skin care and coat, prevent allergic reactions improves digest system. As MCAS help against heart disease and does not contain any blood cholesterol effects.

I explain it briefly and compare both oils now you have to decide which oil you use for your dog to make him healthy and fit. I hope you like our article on fish oil and coconut oil for dogs food comparison. You must read our article “10 Most Amazing benefit of Coconut Oil For Dogs Dry Skin” which will really show the importance of coconut oil for dogs. Thank you

Do You Feed Your Dog Raw Food?

Do You Feed Your Dog Raw Food

Good food is most essential part of the healthier lifestyle. Now the question is what do you feed your dog for his healthier lifestyle? Feed your dog raw food Or a Cooked or dehydrated food? Regardless what you do for your dog health.  It’s always a good idea to step back and decide what are the nutrition your dog need for a healthier lifestyle and then add it to your pet diet. Here is some healthy pet food item; you can add it to your diet

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is one of useful food, must be part of any dogs diet. Milk thistle consists of ingredient that is safe and effective for treating any liver diseases as well as any other conditions. It primarily protects your dog liver against toxins and its help to replace liver cells which are dead or damaged.

Milk Thistle for dog raw food

Milk thistle has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. Milk thistle can use anytime when you feel in your pet any toxins including drug, lawn chemicals, etc. You can buy it from a supermarket in powder, liquid extract, and capsule form. I advise following all instructions on the label.

Green Tripe

Green Tripe is a food loaded with high naturally occurring digestive enzymes and probiotics. I must say it is indeed super power food for your dog. You can found some amazing natural substances in Green tripe, so you won’t have to waste money on a supplement.

Green Tripe for dog raw food

Tripe is likewise loaded with B vitamins and has an appropriate ratio of calcium to phosphorus 1:1. It also carries the essential fatty acids Linoleic and Linolenic, of their recommended proportions.

Raw Eggs

Next to green tripe, raw eggs are another one of nature’s most wholesome foods for dogs. Eggs are not only economical, but they’re one of the most complete and nutritious foods available.

Raw Eggs for dog raw food

Eggs are a nearly complete source of amino acids (the building blocks of proteints), and contain lots of vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12, iron, selenium and fatty acids. Feed the egg with the shell on, and the phosphorus and calcium are perfectly balanced, making the egg a nearly complete source of nutrition for your dog. Whenever possible, try to find eggs from pasture raised chickens raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of best super food having many benefits for your dog in the market. It will help your dog if he is overweight to lose his weight and make him energetic if he is one of sedentary dog. Coconut oil is very useful that provides a high level of energy and protects from illness and speed healing. It also gently elevates the metabolism and improves your dog skin.

Coconut Oil for dog raw food

One important thing this oil does is improving your pet digestion and reduces allergic reactions. Also, coconut oil best known for their anti-fungal effects.  Always find it in the organic source.

Organ Meats

Are you raw feeders Or feed kibble feeders? No matter, organ meats are important, or you’re both.

Organ Meats for dog raw food

Any food you feed to your dog either it is homemade or raw, it is incomplete without organ meat because it contain powerful nutrition’s in it. I must say try Organ meats in your dog diet and you feel an improvement in your dog.

I hope you try all of these super foods to your dog’s diet and reap the rewards!

Best Six Scary Truths about Dog Food

Best Six Scary Truths about Dog' Food

Food is one of the most essential for all living being in the world. Our pet needs proper food for a better and long life. Today 46 percent of dog and 39 percent of cat are dying because of cancer. You need to save your dog from suffering and save yourself from vet bills, to do this; you need to learn some important trust about your dog food diet.

Best Six Scary Truths about Dog' Food

Here are some of the most important things you must know about what your dog is eating and this food may be harmful to your dog health.

1) Fast Dog’s Food is bad for Dog Health

Fast Dog's Food is bad for Dog Health

Fast Food like burgers, tacos causes significant problems for people. So what do you think this fast food to be healthy for your dogs? Dog and humans have a similar requirement for nutritional. We’re doing wrong with ourselves and with dog health.

2) Our Regular food is good as Dog’s Food

Our Regular food is good as Dog's Food

As I said earlier, Dog and humans have a similar requirement for nutritious. Our food is then good for dogs as well, but this is bad news for dog’s food manufacturers. The same nutritious food we eat can also offer nutrition he needs and save your bulk of money wasted in dog food bills.

3) Some regular meals may be risky to dog health

Dog's Food- Some regular meals may be risky to dog health

There are some regular meals good for human health but dangerous to dog health like Cooked bones, and rawhide chews can be harmful to heath and required emergency surgery. Chocolate, Graphs, onions and some other common foods can be toxic for dogs and must be avoided.

4)  Same meal regular – limit eating plan

Dog's Food - Same meal regular - limit eating plan

Belief consuming maize and pizza every meal of your lifestyle, with the same mix of cheaper wholesome supplements. Dieticians desire people to consume a wide range of meals, each for improved ingesting plan and also to prevent hypersensitive reactions. In truth, abdominal disappointed when food transfer is a sign your dog needs greater extensive range. As soon as the weight loss consuming plan has cured a pet’s digestive tract, the canine can eat one-of-a-kind meals every food – just as people do. Just transfer food step by step over several weeks at the same time as your canine’s gut cures.

5) Corn is extremely harmful to canine health

Dog's Food-Corn is extremely harmful to canine health

Most kibble is loaded with maize, an inexpensive product. Unluckily, the maize isn’t the nice kind to ear. It’s nourish maize or less expensive remains of nourish maize. It can even have been reprehended for people to drink, there being no way to smash pets contaminants for pet food. If that weren’t horrific enough, maize (which offers us each extraordinary fructose maize syrup and maize oil) is fatty.

6) Balance and complete does not mean to be optimum

Dog's Food-Balance and complete does not mean to be optimum

Vitamins and minerals play a fundamental role in the pet food. Balance and complete means that food must be able to complete little theoretical requirements for pets. Subsequently, nutrition and compound inadequacies are unavoidable. Of course, healthful food is better than not healthy, however again, better does not mean magnificent.

09 Important Tips To Raw Food Diets For Dogs

09 Important Tips To Raw Food Diets For Dogs

Raw Food Diets for Dogs is very much essential for their better health. In the wild dogs eat meat, bones, skin, organs, stomach contents, and an array of other parts. They may feed on fruits, berries, herbs and grasses. Hence the most common BARF diet consists primarily of raw, meaty bones as well as a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, muscle meat and organ meats.

09 Important Tips To Raw Food Diets For Dogs

Here are 09 Important Tips To Raw Food Diets For Dogs to start your puppy with raw without any fuss and stains on your rugs!

Here 09 Important Tips To Raw Food Diets For Dogs:

1. Start Off Cold Turkey

Start Off Cold Turkey-Raw Food diets for dogs

Adding raw food with kibble is not a good idea in any way. Because kibble needs a special pH within the gut to digest, it’ll make your puppy more risk of bacteria within the raw meats. Add artificial foods in food can make him capable of handling these bacteria.

Make Best Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Free

2. Start With One Protein Source

Start With One Protein Source-Raw Food diets for dogs

Make sure to add only one protein source like turkey or chicken, whether homemade or prepared raw food, Give this protein once throughout a week, If you found no upset of digest, start second protein source and do same onward.

3. Feed Three Times A Day

Feed Three Times A Day-Tips to raw food diet for dogs

Before your dog turns to six months, give him 3 time small meals a day, then he can eat twice a day without any problem. This is most important to small breed puppies because he can become hypoglycemic. So be careful and follow all instructions carefully.

4. Feed 2-3% Of His Adult Body Weight

Feed 2-3 Of His Adult Body Weight-Tips to raw food diet for dogs

This is much less complicated to determine when you have a purebred canine, but the amount you feed must be 2-3% of your adult pup’s weight. In case, you’re not sure then feed approximately 10% of his current weight.

5. Balance The Calcium And Phosphorus

Make sure you choice balance calcium and phosphorus raw food because most of the raw food has not balance diet.

Balance The Calcium And Phosphorus-Tips to raw food diet for dogs

Some kibble manufacturers say, It is easy to balance calcium and phosphorus and Raw feed food most of the time has a wider margin of error.

So focus on Balance the calcium and phosphorus help your dog to grow healthy

6. Don’t Overdo It With The Offal

Don’t Overdo It With The Offal-Tips to raw food diets for dogs

People feed liver and some organ meat to a puppy which never have fed raw feeding before, can cause loose stools in your beloved puppies. So wait until two weeks of solid stool before starting to feed organ meat. Then slowly add a giant meal of liver to your dog diet. Never ever skip the organ meats because it is important: consist of full and complete nutrients you cannot found in muscle meat.

7. Don’t Forget The Supplements

Don’t Forget The Supplements- tips to raw food diets for dogs

The supplement can benefit, not matter if you’re feeding free-range, organic meats to your puppy. Here is a list of supplement you must consider:

  • Nutritional herbs
  • Probiotics
  • Fish or krill oil
  • Bovine colostrum

8. Other Important Stuff

Other Important Stuff-tips to raw food diets for dogs

Always provide your dog plenty of fresh water, much be non-chlorinated water. Make sure dog have plenty of exercise in fresh air. By short play or training, outside may help your growing dog suffer less stress and would be not a forced walks. Make sure to keep walk short until he is six months old.

9. Find A Mentor Or Raw Feeding Chat Group

Find A Mentor Or Raw Feeding Chat Group-tips to raw food diets for dogs

Sharing your knowledge with other puppy owners can help them to improve their puppy diet. In favor, he will help some other puppy owner, realize how simple you can grow a community of people need help for puppies diet.

Make Best Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Free

Make Best Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Free

How to Make Best Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Free? Today in this article I am going to show you, someone of the best way, to keep your pet healthy and strong.  As we know a dog is a part of a family and one of most important part of a family so we need to care him and it nutrition to keep him healthy. AS like human, Dog also needs to eat food that contains nutrients, especially iron, copper, calcium, and zinc. So be ready to teach yourself a little bit tricks that will keep your dog strong and healthy.

Healthy Dog Food-Homemade Dog Food Recipes Free

Dog need care and healthy food that are homemade. You dog will enjoy homemade food some recipes are listed below…  Continue reading

The Best of Gain-Free Dog food features Vs Regular Dog Food!

Regular Dog Food

You observe the word “gain-free” written on top of dog food packets, but is it really good for your dog to feed him grain-free food? Dogs are carnivores, meaning they feed on the meat of other animals but they can also get required essentials and vitamins from the omnivore diet. So it is really hard to decide if dog gain-free food is a good or the best option available.Here we compiled the list of some benefits of grain-free food and diet plans for your dogs, in order to find what’s best for your dog’s health.  Continue reading