Month: April 2017


Coconut Oil for Dogs – Scented, Savory Coconut Oil as an Effective Remedy for Ticks

April 26, 2017

Spring comes with ticks Every year, we look forward to the spring after the long dark winter. Dog owners move their four-legged friends in any weather, but during the beautiful season man and animal walks enjoy even more. However, with the rising temperatures, there is a worry that you could forget during the cold winter […]

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Coconut oil for dogs, cats and horses for Better Health

Coconut Oil For Dogs, Cats and Horses Better Health

April 14, 2017

The nutrition of human beings’ pets is almost as unhealthy as that of humans. For example, dogs and cats either get cooked food from waste and leftovers, or they get dried food, which is virtually “dead” and so good As no longer has any nutrients. No wonder that many dogs, cats and horses suffer from […]

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