Month: February 2018

Best Tips to Remove Tartar From Teeth

Tartar in Cats – Best Tips to Remove Tartar From Teeth

February 28, 2018

Essentially, you can prevent tartar in cats by regularly checking the teeth of your velvet paw. Seeing that plaque has formed helps only brushing teeth – so the plaque can be removed before it forms tartar. Here are best tips on how to help your cat with dental care to remove tartar from teeth. If […]

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Dog Food Aggression


February 25, 2018

Dog Food Aggression: You’re just putting down the food bowl and your dog is eagerly eating. When he eats in the kitchen, remember to forget to turn off the burner. As you approach the kitchen, you are “greeted” by your dog emitting a low, menacing growl. Surprisingly you begin to believe that you have a […]

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