Bullmastiff crossbreed

The word BULLMASTIFF commands attention and so people use this word to sell their puppies.

Bullmastiff puppies all look fairly much alike, yet I have seen photos of white, narrow muzzled dogs with no mask, labeled as a Bullmastiff in an advertisement, just for one example.

Bullmastiff crossbreed-fake

The popularity of the internet has made the sale and advertising of dogs and puppies, very easy and affordable for everybody.

Sadly though, people can advertise whatever they like without any form of regulation, and as such, there are hundreds of dogs being advertised for sale as Bullmastiffs, that clearly are not!!

The current trend seems to be that with the ban of breeding Pit Bulls in Australia, they are now selling off Pit-bull puppies as Bullmastiff Crosses!

This is extremely dangerous and detrimental to the Bullmastiff breed.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

DO your homework before handing over your hard earned money. Look at as many puppies as you can.

The internet plays host to numerous websites of reputable, registered breeders, research those and familiarize yourself with what a purebred puppy looks like.

Go to dog shows, visit breeders and ONLY buy off a registered, reputable breeder that you feel completely comfortable with.

Make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Nikki Marshall

Bullmastiff crossbreed


I think I might ask you, the reader, if you like dogs, that includes all breeds of dogs or will it BE YOUR DECISION and the governments to see the eventual ban of ALL dogs.

I know that many Bullmastiff breeders will agree with this article. So many times have I been stopped and asked by a person from the general public

“What breed of dog is that?”

Answer, “It is a Bullmastiff.”

person “OH there those really aggressive dogs!”

Answer, “Have you owned a Bullmastiff?”

“No I’ve just heard about them.”

The purpose of this article is to better inform YOU the general public about what they hear on a regular basis, but need to ask themselves the question

“Would you believe everything you see or hear just because it was on the Television or in the newspaper.”

A majority of World Wide Bullmastiff owners and breeders are up in arms as to how the media can insultingly label so many purebred dogs incorrectly and namely our breed the Bullmastiff.

I have certainly had my fair share with dealing with the media in response to the Bullmastiff, on Television, radio and the newspapers.

Bare in mind that newspapers and television programs would not exist without making news, whether it be true or not they in return need to profit from what they do, and as for a majority of breeders, Well we don’ profit.

We are the ones who are dedicated and defend our breed and consider ourselves to have far more knowledge about our breed than a reporter who probably never owned a dog in his or her life.

How many times have we heard or read “Bullmastiff or any other purebred dog has attacked…”

and how many times have we seen the accused dog’s pictured which DON’T even resemble the breed in question OR the media for no other reason but their own use other photos of dogs

(my views are to make their story seem more appealing, IT SELLS)

So who’s to blame?

1)  Well this is where the purchaser of the dog has NOT been correctly informed as to what breed of dog they are purchasing. WHY?

Because if a so called unregistered or unlicensed breeder (or more commonly known as a backyard breeder) tells you it is a purebred Bullmastiff or any other purebred dog or a Purebred Cross Bred Dog for that matter the breeder in return has a sales pitch and can sell the dog for a much higher price, in return the purchaser calls the dog a Bullmastiff or another purebred breed of dog.

2) With very little research by the reporter, they in return report that this particular dog either a PUREBRED DOGS NAME or A PUREBRED CROSSBRED DOGS NAME

Terminology of Crossbred:

“To produce by mating an animal with one of a different kind”


Now I don’t know about everybody else but a crossbred dog is exactly that crossbred.


So why does the media chose to call dogs a certain breed of crossbred for instance Bullmastiff X.

Yes it could very well be a Bullmastiff X, but that would mean that all Bullmastiffs (purebreds) or even Bullmastiff crossbreeds have the exact same character, temperaments and traits.

WRONG! If you were to breed two pedigree dogs of the same breed then it is a PUREBRED DOG.

Terminology of Pedigree:

“having a recorded line of descent that shows pure breeding or purebred”.

Where the dog is from know origin and has proof of papers that it is a registered Purebred dog.

IF you were to put two different breeds together (despite if the two different breeds are pedigreed) then it is still a CROSS BRED DOG.

With any PUREBRED dog they are bred to the guidelines of the breed standard which is the blueprint of the dogs makeup.

People who are searching for particular traits of a breed SHOULD therefore choose a PUREBRED dog and purchase their chosen breed from a REGISTERED BREEDER, for decades and even centuries purebred dogs have been bred for certain traits, temperaments and character.

If you want a different breed of dog where temperaments, character and traits are unknown as they have no history or have not been bred for any particular use or reason then purchase a CROSSBRED DOG.

In my opinion both partner and myself have owned several different breeds of dogs including crossbred dogs, and have always considered that there is no such problem as a dog problem only an irresponsible owner.

I have provided no more than facts to you the general public to form your own opinion.

But keep in mind that you too are only jumping on the media bandwagon when you the general public discriminate against those who are generally dedicated and responsible owners who choose to own these breeds.

Have the freedom of choice when you decide to choose a breed of dog.

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